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Angleške kratice v zdravstvu

BP – blood pressure

P – pulse

qds – four times a day

MI – myocardial infarction, or heart attack

GTN – glyceryl trinitrate; also called nitrolingual

SHO – Senior House Officer (zdravnikovo prvo leto dela)

4° –  four hourly, or every four hours; also 4/24

c/o – complain of

sl – sublingual, or inder the tongue

O2  – oxygen

ECG – electrocardiogram

ADLs – activities of daily living

Pt – patient

obs. – observations

220/100 – 220 over 100


UNIT 2: Respiratory rates

URTI – upper respiratory tract infection

SOB – shortness of breath; difficulty breathing (dyspnoea)

RR – respiratory rate

CXR – chest X-ray

p/f – peak flow; the most air which is expired

Pt ed. – patient education




UNIT 3: wound care

CNS – clinical nurse specialist

PVD – peripheral vascular disease

Doppler – ultrasound device which measures blood flow through arteries and veins

bugs – microbes

spike a temperature – have episodes of pyrexia

IV Abs – antibiotics which are given through a vein

VAC – vasuum assisted closure; also pronounced vac

ICP – integrated care pathway

CPD – continuous professional development

EBP – evidence-based practice

N/A – not applicable

3rd daily – three times a day

TDS – twice a day

L – left

IV – intravenous

amt – amount


UNIT 4: diabetes care

BSL – blood sugar level

DKA – diabetic ketoacidosis

GP – general practitionec

l’ade – lemonade





UNIT 5: medical specimens

UTI – urinary tract infection

IDC – indwelling catheter

MSU – midstream urine

UNIT 6: medications

CDs – controlled drugs

INR – international normalised ratio

tab – solid medication, also called a pill

cap. – gelatine-coated medication

mg – milligram-unit of mass which is 1/1000 of a gram

mcg – microgram-unit of mass which is 1/1000 of a milligram

ml – millilitre-unit od volume which is 1/1000 of a litre

po – from the Latin per os: by mouth, orally

sc – injection given into the subcutaneous layer of the skin

IM – injection given into the muscle

mane – in the morning

nocte – at night

UNIT 7: intravenous infusions

IV fluids – intravenous fluids

IVC – cannula

K – potassium

N/S – normal saline

Mmols – milimols

KCl – potassium chloride

IV ABs – IV antibiotics

PICC line – peripherally inserted central catheter

KVO – keep the vein open

UNIT 8: pre-operative patient assessment

DVTs – deep vein thrombosis

O/T – operating theatre


UNIT 9: post-operative patient assessment

RTA – road traffic accident

GCS – glasgow coma scale; records the conscious state of a patient

neuro obs. – observations which assess neurological function and include a GCS assessment

oxygen sats / SaO2 – measure of the amount of oxygen which is loaded or saturated into the red blood cells as they pass through the lungs

NAD – non-adhesive dressing

prn – from the Latin pro re nata: take whenever required

ABM – aggressive behaviour management

UNIT 10: discharge planning

CVA – cerebrovascular accident or stroke